Eat with Enya


Eat with Enya is a Student cooking and food blog that provided easy to follow simple recipes that help students learn how to cook on their own. It has many sections including breakfast lunch and dinner, plus extras such as baking. In the future, the brand could extend to food reviews of restaurants in university towns. The brand identity is based around the red plate that is used within the images, so red is the main colour theme, and circles are the main shaped used throughout the branding. Visual identity will help to increase brand salience, which will lead to resonance. Resonance will mean customers will remember your brand and form a relationship with the brand (Keller & Swaminathan, 2019). These brand relationships will form if the brand identity is cohesive across all brand channels and activities of the bad are inline with the image created (Keller & Swaminathan, 2019).

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