Objective 1

Objective one was aimed to increase brand awareness. Brand awareness can be measured by the reach of the social media posts and the average over the whole 30-day campaign. The average reach of the Instagram posts is 105 accounts per post. This exceeds the target of 100 per post within the campaign time frame. The goal was achieved by posting a variety of content, such as just food pictures, videos, and photos containing people. Surprisingly the images that contained people got a higher reach with this post reaching 195 people. This is because of Instagram's algorithm; the algorithm shows users post it thinks they will be interested in based on their engagement with other accounts and posts. As the target audience is students, they will be most likely using Instagram socially to share events they have been to, this means the algorithm will assume they like images with people in. As soon as this was realised more posts with people in were used to boost the reach.


Post with People In
Post without People In

Looking at the reach of posts on the Instagram account is a good way to measure the brand awareness of customers however this relies on the post linking back to the brand in some way. Eat with Enya’s branding features a red colour scheme and circles which can be seen with the red tableware that is featured within the posts, this ensures when customers see Eat with Enya post they can immediately associate the post back to the account. This recognition will also help to increase engagement which was the second objective of the post. Overall, the campaign was successful for this objective. As you can see from the image below most of the traffic driven to the Blog was through Instagram referrals.

Google analytics referrals.PNG
Objective 2

Objective 2 was aimed to increase customer engagement. Customer engagement can be measured by conversion from post views to follows. The goal set out in the objectives was a conversion rate of less than 50% of post views from accounts that aren’t following the Instagram account. This information is provided by the post analytics on Instagram. The analytics from each post show that the percentage of viewers of each post that weren’t following the account decreased by 3%. Although it is a small change it shows an increase in users that followed the account after seeing posts and it has stayed within the 50% goals set out within the objectives. The post that has the lowest percentage of viewers that weren’t following the account was the birthday cake post with 31%.

Customer engagement can be measured by likes, comments, and shares on the blog posts and social posts. Eat with Enya didn’t do very well within his section with no comments being made on the blog post and only a few scattered between the posts on Instagram. The average likes on a post were around 20, which is 21% of viewers liking the post. However, this wasn’t an objective of the campaign, this is maybe something Eat with Enya could think about for objectives for future campaigns.

Customer engagement can also be measured by how many views click through to the actual blog posts. Google Analytics will be used to measure this factor, and website clicks on Instagram. This image shows the overall number of users during the campaign.


The Instagram post that attracted the greatest number of views on the blog site was Fluffy American Pancake Stack attracting 12 page views on the day of posting and 34 within the next 3 days. That’s 55% of total post views. That engagement rate is good, showing over half of the people that viewed that post eventually clicked through to the recipe. However, this figure can be altered by people clicking through to other blog posts and accessing the post on more than one occasion. Over the whole campaign, the click conversion to blog views was smaller at an average of 23%. The campaign was semi-successful within this area as 23% is roughly 1 in 4 people that viewed the post clicked throughout to view the actual blog post. However, if the campaign was to continue within the same way the overall average follow through rate would increase as an upwards trend is seen in the graph below.

conversionr ate gragh.PNG

Overall, the campaign to increase awareness and engagement within the student target market was successful as both objectives have been met. Eat with Enya successfully used calls to action within their social media post and this resulted in a high conversion rate into views on the blog posts. Eat with Enya reached a large number of people with their posts, however, it is unknown if the target audience is within the target market laid out in the action plan as the demographics section on google analytics was faulty and unable to be fixed during the campaign due to an issue with the embedding on to the blog site, and a limit of 100 followers must be reached on Instagram to access their follow demographics section. Recommendations for Eat with Enya in the future is to continue with the same style of Blog and social media post and maybe direct calls to action onto follows and likes to boost engagement within the social media accounts, other social media accounts that would be beneficial to Eat with Enya would be Pinterest, as there is a large food market on this social media site and Twitter as engagement is high on this social media platform.